A New Book By PBSP Therapist & Supervisor, Louis Sommeling

A New Book By PBSP Therapist & Supervisor, Louis Sommeling

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Learning to Live and Study: Develop Your Personality in Your College Years: Student Edition

by: Louis Sommeling

Book Description

ISBN: 9781611024852

“Some problems are solved just by sitting down and talking about them. Others, however, require more steps especially in your student time, as shown in this book. The author is a psychologist who has worked for twenty-five years at the University of Groningen, Holland. “I always thought I was the only one with problems,” said someone who has read this book. “Reading this book was comforting to me,” commented another. You arrive at a certain age when you ask so many questions. This book covers common topics such as relationships with your parents, learning to be alone, discovering your true self, problems with the meaning of life and your own position to religion, preventing stress and depression, loss, sexual identity and other psychologically related issues that could create problems with your studies. There is also focus on the psychological background of specific study problems. You are at an age when you need to start mastering yourself, and you can benefit the fruits of this learned mastering during your whole life. Also heed tips from advisors, counselors and other professionals who specialize in tasks that help you develop your personality. Many times, we hear about people in the media talking about topics such as finance, the stock market, the organization of university and high school, etc. But not about personality development, an important subject. In fact, it is actually essential to the pursuit of knowledge. As a college student once put it: “For me it is not just about gaining information, but also acquiring knowledge and insight. I do not want to be a scholar or someone who always scores higher than the rest. Above all, I want to become a wise and creative man.””

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