Therapists In Austria

Martin Mittendorfer Certified PBSP Therapist, Dr. Phil. Doctorate Salzburg.  Clinical and Health Psychologist/ Psychotherapist.  Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and Teaching Therapist.

“Originally coming from the pre- and perinatal time (see dissertation) and from  Bioenergetic Analysis my interest still focuses on the formative influence of the “early issues” as well as on the important bodily part of the work and the transfer to everyday life. I use a lot of music in the work since I am thoroughly convinced of its healing power and it`s strong neurological input on the brain. One of my most important goals is to anchor the healing PBSP-experiences permanently in mind and body to get recallable and long-lasting memories. At the 6th PBSP-conference in the Netherlands 2009 I presented a workshop concerning this (“Contributions to the long-term effectiveness of PBSP- structures”)”

Contact: 6800 Feldkirch, Neustadt 26, Austria.  T/F 05522/31217