In The Netherlands


Marietta van Attekum, Certified PBSP Therapist & Supervisor.  Drs. Psychology.

“I am giving PBSP therapy since 20 years now and I still find it a most complete and satisfying method, for body and soul, if clients are rightly indicated. Lately we experiment here in Holland with more focal forms of PBSP, so that the therapeutic process can be as short and effective as possible.”

Address:  Kerkstraat 2, 3972 EL Driebergen, Holland. Tel: 0031-343-533933


Arnoud van Buuren,  Certified PBSP Therapist & Supervisor.  M.D., Psychotherapist.  

“Practicing PBSP psychotherapy in private practice since 1994 next to psychoanalytical psychotherapy and EMDR, PBSP has shown a most valuable outcome for a large number of clients. Further integration in mainstream psychotherapy of PBSP philosophy and interventions is taking place, making PBSP an important tool in individual therapy as well.”

Address: Vondellaan 35Ad, 2332AA, Leiden, Netherlands.  Tel: 31715212878  Fax:  +31715282811


Monique Cuppen, Certified PBSP Therapist and Supervisor, Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist.

Contact: Quellijnstraat 113 c, 1073 XH Amsterdam. Tel: 0031 (0)615600203.

Ivan Ch. Oostveen, Certified Therapist and Supervisor. Drs., Medical doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist.

“In my work i use several psychotherapeutic methods.”

Contact: De Lange West 7/  9201 CD/ Drachten/ The Netherlands. Tel:   +31512-522201 / +316-55701166.  Fax:  +31512-370437.

Louis Sommeling, Certified PBSP Therapist & Supervisor. Drs. Philosophy and theology studies in the international Jesuit Organisation,  doctoral  clinical psychology: University Groningen, seksuologist registration,  registreted as group psychotherapist, official regristration as psychotherapist in the Netherlands. (b.i.g)  NLP and Trauma workshops.  

“In general, PBSP orientation, specialist in psychotherapy, seksuology and, spirituality.”

Address: van Houtenlaan 26, 9722 GT, Groningen, the Netherlands ( and half of the time, October-dec. en april-june)  postbox 1413, 03509 Finestrat, Spain. Tel: 0031 50 5032949 /0034 965 878 431  and