Diane Boyden Pesso

Diane Boyden Pesso discovered and developed Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor with her husband Albert Pesso some 50 years ago. 

Diane began her career in the field of dance. As a child, she studied under the renowned Jose Limon, Barbara Metler and, by high school, was running her own dance studio. She won numerous scholarships and continued her dance education at Bennington College, under Martha Hill, founder of the dance department at the Julliard School.

Diane went on to teach dance at Wheaton College, Emerson College and Sargent College at Boston University, eventually setting up her own dance studio with husband Albert. 

It was there that she and her husband discovered what would come to be known as Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor, an interactive process that creates new body-based memories to complement the memories of emotional deficits of the past.

Diane is Vice President of the Psychomotor Institute and active on the Education Committee that oversees international training and PBSP certification standards. 

She has been a Psychomotor Therapist at McLean Hospital, Director of Psychomotor Therapy at New England Rehabilitation Hospital – Pain Unit, conducted a private practice in PBSP for groups and individuals, and trained practicing psychotherapists in long term PBSP certification training programs in the USA and Europe. 

Since developing and refining PBSP with Albert in the 1960s, Diane Boyden Pesso has concentrated on overseeing the international network of PBSP therapists, which now extends across the U.S., to Brazil and 10 European countries, and administering the comprehensive certification process for new therapists.

In her retirement, Diane worked on audio-visual teaching materials, particularly video, to facilitate the training of hundreds of psychotherapists currently studying PBSP in 9 countries. 

A second product of her work will be a selection of video clips that will be used to illustrate details of the PSBP system on the organization’s web site, http://www.psbp.com.

Sadly, Diane died of ALZ on March 4th of 2016.  Diane and Al had three daughters, Tana Pesso, Tasmin Pesso, and Tia Pesso Powell and four grandchildren, Christopher Fairfield Edley, III, Kyra Pesso, Jono Chu, and Xoren Pesso Powell.

For Diane Boyden Pesso’s full CV, click here.

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