1. Is the therapist able to create a possibility sphere to work in?
  2. Does the therapist identify highest energy, help the client utilize highest energy?
  3. Does the therapist help the client find resolution or full expression of highest energy in action and interaction on a bodily level and does the structure result in satisfaction of an essential need?
  4. Does the therapist follow the client without giving away essential leadership or
  5. taking over the process?
  6. Does the therapist lead the structure in a way that clarifies a historical issue and/or a present issue on an experiential as well as on intellectual level?
  1. Has the therapist sufficient attention for pre-structure-stuff, such as motivation, contract, relationship and transference?
  2. Does the therapist use clear and appropriate role-definitions (verbalization)?
  3. Does the therapist understand and implement basic theory and basic techniques of PBSP®?
  4. Is the therapist capable to form and verbalize basic hypotheses in relation to the client s/he is working with, concerning diagnoses as well as processes.
  5. Is the therapist comfortable with unexpected strong emotional expressions?
  6. Is the therapist able to take group leadership-position in a quiet and clear way?
  7. Does the therapist pay attention to good accommodation?
  8. How good is the therapist in listening and observing the body and utilizing this observation?
  9. How clear and well-timed are the interventions and how do they fit in with what is happening?
  10. Does the therapist not permit direct or indirect negative reconstructions?
  11. Is there basic hope and trust in the process of the client and does it show up in the work?
  12. Does it appear from this evaluation that the therapist distinguishes her/himself by a specialty as far as the therapeutic message of PBSP® is concerned, in comparison with other therapeutic messages?