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Jim Amundsen, Certified PBSP Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer. President, North Central Psychomotor Society. PhD,  Licensed Psychologist. M.Ministry, Earlham School of Religion. PhD, Counseling Psychology, The Fielding Institute.

“I believe psychotherapy is a matter of integrating two paradoxical polarities: working to modify unconsciously learned and held emotional programs (what PBSP calls “maps”) and a two-person relationship that cannot be reduced to any technical or scientific understanding. I like the way PBSP deals with this polarity.  What psychology calls “symptoms”, which are things like anxiety, and depression, I see as the self communicating with the self saying that something is off and needs to be changed. The methods and theories of PBSP are my favorite way to help people deal these needs.”

Contact:  4300 West River Pkwy., Apt. 412, Minneapolis, MN 55406; Tel: 612-483-1110;



DAntinoriDeborah Antinori, Certified PBSP Therapist. MA, LPC, NCC, RDT, FT, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Registered Drama Therapist, Fellow in Thanatology (death, dying), Brainspotting Therapy Certified Consultant & US Trainer. BFA, Boston Conservatory of Music. MA, New York University, 1993, Drama Therapist in private practice Currently enrolled in PhD program, International University for Graduate Studies.

“PBSP is offered at the Davison Counseling Center where attention to individual needs is central.  Grief, trauma and pet loss are specialties at the Davison Counseling Center. PBSP is a mind/body therapy attending to inner child feelings and memories.  Old negative patterning is addressed by emotional remapping – first mapping out the current experience (internal negative thoughts and feelings that denigrate, judge or otherwise limit the individual), and then remapping new choices and possibilities where formerly such options felt impossible.  The hallmark of PBSP is the creation of Ideal Parent figures for the inner child. These are symbolic figures, created by the client and therapist working together. The Ideal Parents are attuned to the needs of the child in a manner that heals the effects of past neglect, abuse or other injury to the dignity, identity and authenticity of the child, who is ultimately the template for the adult we become”.

Contact: 87 Onderdonk Rd., Warwick, NY 10990; Tel: 908-507-4254;;


Sandy CanfieldCertified PBSP Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer. LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor). M.Ed., Rollins College

“I use PBSP in all of my work.  I work with Individuals and couples.  I also do group therapy and have 5 ongoing groups. In addition, I also supervise therapists.”

Contact: 2150 Park Avenue North,  Winter Park, FL 32789; Tel: 407-645-2545; Fax: 407-539-2447;;



Portia Franklin, Certified PBSP Therapist. LCSW,  Psychotherapist. MSW, New York University. Member of PBSP Northeast Intervision Group for 13 years

“My goal as a psychotherapist is to help you come home to yourself—to deeply know, accept and value yourself as you truly are. I believe this quality of unconditional friendliness toward yourself, what Buddhist psychologist Tara Brach calls radical acceptance, is essential for peace of mind, personal happiness and a satisfying life.  In therapy, I support you in exploring and moving beyond whatever may have blocked this level of self acceptance in the past, so you can discover the power that you have within you to create a life that is more personally and professionally rewarding./ In addition to being a student of Buddhist psychology, I have trained in relational, cognitive-behavioral and mind-body approaches to therapy, including PBSP.  The latter has proven to be a remarkably powerful and effective modality, particularly for people who have experienced early trauma.  I am grateful for its capacity to help all of us transcend emotional wounds and move forward in life with a greater sense of optimism and hope.”

Contact: Tel: 917-544-0723;; www.integrativepsychotherapy-nmcom

51 E. 25th St., Suite 7D, New York, NY 10010
1229 S. St. Francis Dr., Suite B, Santa Fe, NM 87505


Matt Fried, Ph.D., Certified PBSP Therapist, Supervisor, & Trainer. Ph.D. Psychologist/Psychotherapist. BA Queens College,  MA Yeshiva University, Ph.D. New York University, MFA Vermont College of Fine Arts, Certified AEDP Supervisor, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

“Offering Therapy, Supervision, and Training in PBSP.”

Contact:  441 West End Ave. #1B, New York, NY 10024; Tel: 917-701-6054;


Gus Kaufman, Ph.D., Senior PBSP Trainer, is an experienced clinical psychologist working with individuals, couples, families and groups as well as providing training and supervision for other therapists. With Al Pesso and now other PBSP trainers he has conducted many PBSP training programs for therapists. In addition to lecturing and teaching around the U.S., Europe and Asia, Gus has co-founded five non-profit organizations and published many chapters and articles. One of these was his PBSP-based dissertation research ‘Body Signals of Childhood Loss‘. Gus is a longtime board member of the PBSP Institute.

Contact: 1348 Ponce de Leon Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30306; Tel: 404-371-9171, ext. 2;



 Robert Lea, Certified PBSP Therapist. Ed.D., Psychologist. Harvard B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.

“PBSP has enabled me to transcend empiricist and intellectualist theoretical orientations and work from mutual client/therapist experiencing in the therapy session, what psychoanalysts conceptualize awkwardly as transference and counter-transference, what Merleau-Ponty conceptualizes brilliantly as the experiencing of the perceptual flesh, and which Al Pesso demonstrates so skillfully as the psychomotor core of personhood.   I work interactively with subsets of the family, couples, parent-child, both parents-child, divorced or married, and individually with psychologically minded clients who desire it, on problems involving depression, anxiety, and acting out arising from addiction, divorce, and the usual deficits of dysfunctional parenting passed on from generation to generation.”

Contact:  5129 Piney Creek Rd., Taneytown, MD  21787; Tel: 410-596-7559 Fax: 410-756-5166



 Curt Levang, Ph.D., Certified PBSP Therapist, Supervisor, & Trainer, Licensed Psychologist. Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Fielding Institute. M.A., Psychology, St. Mary’s College. North Central Psychomotor Society.

Contact:  8441 Wayzata Blvd., #102, Golden Valley, MN, 55426;  Tel: 952-541-4799; Fax: 763-231-4445;;


Robbin C. McInturff, Certified PBSP Therapist, Supervisor, & Trainer. Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, state of Alabama. BA, Queens College of the City University of New York,  MA in English, Indiana University, MA, Agency Counseling, University of Alabama in Birmingham.

“I am currently certified in PBSP, and I am in the process of being certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Experiential therapy from a systems theory foundation is the basis of my work.  I currently see adults  for couples and family therapy, individual long-term psychotherapy, and pbsp group psychotherapy. With my partner, Jim Cotton, I offer a weekly 2-hour PBSP group and a monthly 4-hour PBSP group.  I am available for supervision in PBSP.  I am also a PBSP trainer.

Contact: 2305 Arlington Ave., Birmingham, Al 35205; Tel: 205-933- 9276 ext. 113; Fax: 205-933-9280;;


K. Stevens Westmoreland,

Certified PBSP Therapist, Trainer, & Supervisor. M.S., M.Ed.


5 Nason’s Ct., Suite 6, Kennebunk, ME 04043; Tel: 207-985-2511
1210 SE Oak St., Suite 1, Portland, OR 97214;


Deborah Ann Willbur, Certified  PBSP Therapist, Trainer, & Supervisor. Co-Founder & Co-President, CE Officer of Southern Center for PBSP. LCSW, ACSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Masters in Social Work & B.S. in Social Work

I am most interested in long-term, in-depth work with people. For me, it means not just helping them find relief from the symptoms, but helping them work at the core cause of the symptoms. Both the theory and practice of PBSP helps me achieve that end.

Contact: 2150 Park Avenue North, Winter Park, FL 32789;  Tel: 407-645-0028;; &