Dr. H. Ras, MD, Psychiatrist, Director
Drs. M. van Dam, PhD, Psychologist, Coordinator
Stichting Regionale Instelling Nascholing en Opleiding

Augustus Y. Napier, PhD

Family Therapist, Director
The Family Institute, Atlanta, GA

William H. Friedman, PhD

Clinical Professor and Director
Group Therapy Program, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ruthann Fox-Hines, PhD

Counseling Psychologist, Coordinator of Group Workshop Programming
Counseling and Human Development Center, University of South Carolina

Yoel Elizur, PhD

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor
Department of Psychology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Tilmann Moser

Psychoanalyst and Bodytherapist
Freiburg, Germany

Louisa P. Howe, PhD

Sociologist, Chair of the Education Committee

Psychomotor Institute, Boston, MA

(1915 – 1998) Louisa Howe was the first woman to hold the Sigmund Freud Memorial Fellowship. She worked in the US Bureau of Prisons, taught sociology at Skidmore and joined the faculty at the Menninger Foundation. Here she testified in the famous trial, Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education, and her disposition, that segregation was psychologically damaging to children, played an important part in the Supreme Court decision of 1954. She held teaching positions and carried out research in the University of Kansas, UC Berkley, Harvard School of Public Health, and many other places. In her later years Dr. Howe became interested in the therapeutic uses of movement, and joined the faculty of the Psychomotor Institute. She was active in many professional organizations, including American Sociological Association and Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, published many scientific papers, several of them on the problems of drug-abuse, and fought for social justice throughout her life.