Diane’s Obituary

Diane’s Obituary

Scan10006Diane Boyden Pesso, beloved wife of Albert Pesso and daughter of Martha L. Birchby and F. Wendell Boyden, died of ALZ on Mar. 4, 2016 in Chestnut Hill, MA. Born Aug. 8, 1929 she leaves her husband, 3 daughters, Tana Pesso, Tasmin Pesso, and Tia Pesso Powell and 4 grandchildren, Chris F. Edley III, Kyra Chu Pesso, Jono Pesso Chu, and Xoren Pesso Powell.

With her powerful intellect, compassion, and fiercely independent and creative mind she along with her husband created Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (an interactive process that creates new body-based memories to heal emotional deficits of the past) in the early 1960’s.

Diane began her career in the field of dance.As a young woman, she studied under the legendary modern choreographer, Jose Limon, and was a favorite of the renowned Creative Movement pioneer and teacher, Barbara Metler. In high school she ran her own dance studio. Winning numerous scholarships, she continued her dance education at Bennington College under Martha Hill, founder of Julliard’s dance department.

Diane went on to teach dance at Wheaton, Emerson, and BU’s Sargent colleges. In the 1950’s she and her husband established a dance school in Quincy  with 500 students which taught primarily modern dance, creative movement, and choreography to children and teenagers.

She was a PBSP therapist at McLean Hospital, the Director of Psychomotor Therapy at the New England Rehab Hospital (now Spaulding Rehabilitation) Pain Unit, had a private PBSP practice, and as Vice President of the Psychomotor Institute trained psychotherapists in PBSP certification programs in America and Europe.

In addition, as a dedicated utopian thinker Diane was years ahead of her time in her attempts in the late 1960’s to create a multi age, race, creed, and income community that would have conserved land and have offered shared space for education, art, cooking, and other community activities.

A free spirit with a deeply compassionate wish to heal all the wounds of the world, Diane will be deeply missed by friends and family who remain inspired by her life’s work and unique soul.

A memorial service will be held in late Spring.  Anyone kindly wishing to make a donation in Diane’s memory and honor may do so here: http://gogetfunding.com/support-for-al-pessos-medical-recovery-expenses/