New US PBSP Association & Training Program

To the PBSP Community

As much as we are all in mourning for our cherished and esteemed leaders, Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden Pesso, we want to assure everyone who cares about the system of psychotherapy which they created, that PBSP is still alive and well.

In addition to an ongoing, vibrant European PBSP Community, there is also a lively PBSP community in the United States!  We are the Trainers and Supervisors trained and certified by Al Pesso.  We worked with Al right up to the last days of his life.  Al knew that no one person would take over his role in the United States, and he commissioned us as a group to take PBSP into the future.  Eight of us have taken on this mission.

We are forming a US Psychomotor Association which will manage membership and certification issues in the very near future.  We have constructed a website ( to be the official communication site (Al Pesso came up with the name).  This fall beginning on September 30th, there will be a training program conducted in Minneapolis/St Paul.  On May 6, 2017, in conjunction with our yearly retreat, we trainers and supervisors will be sponsoring a day-long conference with workshops, seminars and social gatherings in St Paul, MN.  We expect this to turn into a yearly PBSP conference.

So, if you care as much as we do about keeping PBSP growing, check into our new website often, as well as Al’s website being administrated by his daughter, Tana, to keep current with the latest developments.

May you lead lives of satisfaction, pleasure, connectedness and meaning!

Jim Amundsen,  Sandy Canfield, Jim Cotton, Matt Fried, Gus Kaufman, Jr., Curt Levang, Robbin McInturff, Debbie Willbur