Client Testimonials

“Aspects of Psychomotor that I value, and which seems to be difficult if not impossible to find in some other forms of therapy, are these: respect for the client, work with the body, polarization, and accommodation. First, as a client, I have appreciated the good faith Psychomotor therapists have in a client’s potential to change. Unlike some other therapies, Psychomotor has never made me feel sick or inferior or ashamed of trying to grow, and this affirmative attitude has made more work and growth possible. Second, I appreciate the way Psychomotor attends to the body, both as a discrete functioning unit and as a part of a larger physical and social space, and lets the body say what speech too often cannot express…”

“I have found Gestalt Therapy appealing, and Primal; I am strongly drawn to Jung and still find some Freudian tenets sound. I feel Psychomotor combines the attractive components of all these and takes care of the aspects I like least.”

“Psychomotor is the best method I have found to enable people to learn how to live; with themselves, with each other, at peace, with joy, and with continuing growth.”

“Why Psychomotor? I have seen Gestalt, Bio-energetics, theater techniques, Jungian therapy, and Psychomotor. Psychomotor seems to be the most balanced. Bio-energetics doesn’t include the support of the Psychomotor structure. This limits the movement of the psyche into the archetypal realm. Jungian therapy doesn’t touch the potential of the body. Gestalt seems to be taking place, and is, in its essence, very like Psychomotor. Theater techniques are fine for short term, but they seem irresponsible to me. ‘I’m going to show you how tight you are’, rather than, ‘I can help you open.’ Psychomotor is a good solid therapy.”

“I have experienced real growth and healing through my own individual and group therapy. As I’ve grown more whole, I find myself instinctively moving to use the awareness — the listening to body language and to the parent archetypal patterns in the lives of my family and my friends — helping ways.”

“In the family therapy group with my husband and me and four of our six children, I have seen startling growth changes in each of us.”

“The mother and father roles are effective in polarizing energies and help people to get in touch with both their need for and resentment of authority. Psychomotor works beautifully and gives a sense of completion that is too often missing in straight psychodrama and bio-energetic work.”