Psychomotor Institute

The Psychomotor Institute is chartered as a non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering the development and maintenance of the standards of
Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor

Psychomotor Institute Mission Statement

The mission of the Psychomotor Institute, Inc. is to improve the emotional health of individuals, families and society by expanding the knowledge and application of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor. To accomplish this, we intend:

  • To promote awareness of PBSP nationally and internationally so its range of applications can be utilized in the psychotherapy realm, the parenting realm, the health/medical realm including mind-body healing systems, and other appropriate arenas.
  • To maintain the clarity and rigor of the PBSP process for future generations by overseeing (1) development of training materials and certification standards for therapists and trainers including instruments for self testing, (2) licensing of training centers and individuals, and (3) development of training policies, procedures, programs and curricula.
  • To support and initiate the development of centers for PBSP training and continuing education.
  • To develop and enforce ethical standards.
  • To support research to further the understanding and demonstrate the utility of PBSP, expand and improve its techniques and open avenues of further application.
  • To market, distribute and publish books, articles, lists of bibliographic references, and audiovisual materials pertaining to PBSP.
  • To encourage the development of societies/organizations of PBSP practitioners and supporters and otherwise facilitate communication among groups and individuals interested in PBSP.
  • To collaborate with theoreticians and practitioners of other psychotherapeutic systems, disciplines and treatment modalities to promote knowledge and application of PBSP and to stay broadly informed about developments in such areas as medicine, psychology, sociology and philosophy that relate to PBSP.
  • To maintain a library and archives of PBSP materials, both written and audiovisual, for future research.
  • To provide property to house the above activities including office and storage space as well as conference and living space for residential training and experiential programs in PBSP.
  • To charge fees and raise money to support the above activities