Upcoming Training

Open Summer Training Weeks In Boston

Three weeks of training with Al Pesso, PBSP Co-Founder, for helping professionals interested in the application of PBSP theory and techniques.

Training Week 1: June 28 – July 3.  Theory:  Basic Introduction: Possibility Sphere, Center of Truth, True Scene, Historical Scene, Antidote, Energy -> Action -> Interaction -> Significance/Internalization; Record, Experience, Expression, Map, Motivation, Contract, Relationship, Integration of Polarities, Ego-Wrapping, and Countershaping.  Exercises:  Reflexive Movement Modality, Species Stance, Arm Raise, Fall Catch, Negative and Positive Accommodation, Voluntary Movement Modality, Emotional Movement Modality, and Spatial Placement Exercises.

Training Week 2: July 5 – 10 Theory & Exercises: Soul Projection, Antidote Out of Negative History Information, Notions of God, Ego Wrapping, Structure Supervision.

Training Week 3: July 12 – 17. Theory & Exercises: Micro-Tracking, Holes in Roles, Placeholders, Principles and Reversals,  Making Movies, and Making Subsidiary Movies. Structure Supervision.

Each week of training builds on the knowledge of the prior week’s knowledge and experience and provides 36 hours of training over a 6 day period.The cost: is $850 per week. Discounts are available for early registration. For more information or to register call: 603-934-2737 or email: contact@pbsp.com