Executive & Peak Performance Coaching

Executives, star athletes, and entertainers need to function at peak performance under pressure, see the long-term consequences of their choices, and have the confidence to move ahead when conditions are uncertain. They cannot afford to suffer the results of poor histories, bad habits, and suppressed potentialities. Top talent in all fields need to have access to all their skills and capacities at all times to meet present challenges and opportunites, regardless of internal stress or the press of external negative circumstances.

All people are born with creative capacities – the human psyche and spirit is gifted with skills and organizational abilities that can flow naturally in response to problems and challenges. Though all have this gift, only some fulfill the promise of their birthright. Most come by this good fortune naturally through inheriting a good constitution or through the luck of having life circumstances that support the enhancement of their natural endowment. The task is to free and cultivate those abilities so they will be available on demand and arise as the programmed response to challenging new situations.

Now, with the help of Al Pesso, Co-Founder of PBSP, and his knowledge of the more profound underlying dynamics in human processes and the requirements of the psyche for fulfilling natural talents, the success rate of talented individuals can be greatly improved. PBSP elegantly and simply makes a profound difference in the creative and productivity levels of high performing and talented individuals.  People come away from PBSP sessions with Al with a fresh store of energy, the ability to achieve even higher levels of success in their work, and deepened sense of pleasure and satisfaction in their lives. Al is a consultant to many high-level executives in both individual and group sessions. His wise, kindly, respectful, and skillful help has also led well known entertainment celebrities and internationally known heads of major corporations to seek his help. 

PBSP gives new hope to the field of personal mastery. It is reconstructive surgery for the wounded executive. Through the PBSP process, the individual self selects an area of work to be addressed, describes the details of the situation in a safe, respectful, highly structured and secure environment, develops the historical scene of what happened, and with Al’s and other participant’s assistance, develops the positive model, or “antidote” to the event. Karen Glendinning, VP of Human Resources, Warner Lambert Co. For the complete endorsement letter click here.

Another senior executive at American Woodmark and I have attended a PBSP experiential workshop where we addressed key philosophical issues we have with the culture and direction of our company. The process enabled us to better understand how and why each of us holds our own particular mental models on these issues and has given us a framework for both understanding and reconciling our differences. William F. Brandt, Jr., Chairman and President of American Woodmark Corporation  For the complete endorsement letter click here.


To schedule an appointment with Al Pesso, in person, by phone or videoconference email apesso@pbsp.com or call (603) 731-8118

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