Seminar Topics

Al Pesso, PBSP Co-Founder and master trainer and therapist, is available for lectures, seminars, and speaking engagements on PBSP theory and techniques for the general public, academics, and helping professionals in all fields.

Seminar and presentation topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Roots Of Justice Are In The Body
  • Holes In Roles
  • The Possibility Sphere
  • Micro Tracking
  • Getting in Touch: Using Body Centered Therapies with Couples and Families
  • New Body/Mind Memories = New Future
  • Application of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) in the Treatment of Trauma
  • Stages and Screens
  • PBSP for Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Mind the Body–Unbind the Soul
  • Ending Cycles of Violence
  • Psychoanalysis Enacted :Re-experiencing the Old, Constructing the New
  • Executive Development and Personal Mastery
  • Sexual Abuse – The Integrity of the Body
  • Ego Development and the Body
  • Touch and Action – The Use of the Body in Psychotherapy
  • Relationship of PBSP to Parenting
  • PBSP as an Emotional Re-educative Process
For more information or to engage Al for a presentation or seminar email or call (603) 731-8118. 

“The Roots Of Justice Are In The Body,” a public lecture by Al Pesso sponsored by the Psychology Department at the University of Osnabruck (2007)

In this video PBSP Co-Founder, Al Pesso, discusses the following topics on PBSP theory and techniques: justice as fittedness; survival of the self and of the species; the creative and destructive forces of sexuality and aggression; the family network holes in roles; the dark side of justice – omnipotence; sexuality and aggression unbound; inclusive and exclusive justice; PBSP therapy applications; and closure, summary and perspectives.

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