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Creating New & More Appropriate Memories to Heal Trauma: 3-Day Seminar in Zurich (2/27 – 3/1)

Creating New & More Appropriate Memories to Heal Trauma: 3-Day Seminar in Zurich (2/27 – 3/1)

zurich_tourism_gv_01Join Al Pesso on February 27 to March 1st for a seminar at Zurich’s twin schools for Polarity and Trauma Therapy (Polarity Bidungszentrum/PBZ and Zentrum Fur Innere Okologie/ZIO) where he will demonstrate the transformational power implied in human potential — even for those with the most difficult life experiences conceivable.  Working with fragmented and incomplete embedded memories from the past, Pesso will first teach participants how to renegotiate and redraft these experiences, and then how to enact and complete them, thus creating a different future in view of new emotional conditions and possibilities.

According to Pesso, we must focus on an individual’s early development and on providing space for renegotiating any of their basic needs that have remained unfulfilled. Only then can we enable them to truly experience and unfold their own uniqueness.

Teaching Goals

Working with the whole person using PBSP elements and learning how to:

  • Micro-Track present consciousness to discover the embedded memories of the past that underlie and powerfully influence the way trauma victims experience the present
  • Make new memories of the past that satisfy unmet developmental needs, especially nurturance and protection which determine how and why people react in individual ways to traumatic events
  • Make “Holes in Roles Movies” that reverse clients’ tendency to resist healing change by illuminating and satisfying the innate tendency to heal and make broken family and cultural networks satisfyingly whole.

For information and to register contact Christine Pieler:

Zwinglistrasse 21
CH – 8004 Zürich
Tel: 044 218 80 80
www.polarity.ch  www.traumahealing.ch